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This repository is the source of 1024/behat, forked from tvial/behat, which brings :

  • php5-cli with PHP 5.6
  • PHP modules: php5-mysqlnd & php5-curl
  • behat 3.0 / mink 1.6
  • mink-selenium2-driver 1.2
  • mink-goutte-driver 1.1
  • phactory 0.4.3 for all your test factory needs…
  • theleague/factory-muffin 2.0 which will replace phactory in the long run
  • Symfony's property-access

Furthermore, the following Contexts are available:

  • behat/web-api-extension
  • behatch/contexts
  • knplabs/friendly-contexts

It also ships with the following formatters:

  • emuse/behat-html-formatter


docker pull 1024/behat


On your host, you can add the behat() function to your shell environnement:

function behat() { docker run -ti --rm -h docker-behat -v $(pwd):/home/behat/data:rw 1024/behat /bin/bash -c "behat $*" ;}

You can now call behat command from your host, it will be executed in your docker container.
Note that the container will be removed when the behat process will end usins --rm.
A data folder is mounted read/write to your current folder (the one you launched docker-behat).


docker run -t -i -h docker-behat -v $(pwd):/home/behat/data:rw 1024/behat /bin/bash

You should see a prompt containing [ docker-behat ] and have behat command available.

Using Phactory

If you would like to use Phactory with your behat scenarios, you will need to link this container to your database container:

docker run --rm --link mysqldb:db -e DB_USER=admin -e DB_PASS=thepassword -e DB_NAME=dbname -ti -h docker-behat -v $(pwd):/home/behat/data:rw 1024/behat /bin/bash -c "behat"


If you need adapt the project to your needs, clone, modify the Dockerfile and from the source directory, run:

docker build -t 1024/behat .

Docker Hub

This repository is availabe as an automated build: 1024/behat on the Docker Hub Registry.

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