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Optimized Grails Container

Docker image that will bootstrap an environment for running a Grails application using the Docker optimized phusion/baseimage as a base and its related scripts for init and destroy. By default, it will run the Grails app using the prod run-war directive which is the most optimized way of running Grails.

More info about phusion/baseimage.

More info about Grails.


This image was inspired by the niaquinto/grails image available in the Docker Registry Hub.

Technologies / Versions Used

  • Grails 2.2.1 (by default, all versions up to 2.5.0 can be specified)
  • Java JDK 7+
  • Tomcat 7+

Running Using Defaults

By default, the mounted app (mounted by using -v) will run using the grails prod run-war command which means that the app will run as if it was in a dedicated Tomcat instance in production mode.

Use the following command to run on default mode (remember to ALWAYS specify your app folder in the -v command):

docker run --rm -v /path/to/your/project:/app:rw -p 80:8080 --name grails mozart/grails

This default behavior can be altered by modifying the command when running the image or by modifying the default environment variables. Go to the Changing Behavior section for more information on customizing run behavior.

Changing Behavior

You can change the default behavior of the image by either changing some environment variables or executing a different command rather than the default run-war command.

Environment Variables

The image initializes the following customizable Grails related environment variables:

  • GRAILS_VERSION: Specifies the version of Grails to download (default: 2.5.0 max: 2.5.0).

Run Command

You can execute a different Grails command rather than the run-war that is run by default by specifying the command after the mozart/grails image name in the form of -- {grails-command}. The space after the two dashes is required. For example:

docker run --rm -v /path/to/your/project:/app:rw -p 80:8080 --name grails mozart/grails -- run-app

Interactive Mode

You can run the Grails console in interactive mode by executing the following command:

docker run --rm -v /path/to/your/project:/app:rw -p 80:8080 --name grails mozart/grails -- --interactive

Building the Image

You can build the image by yourself by executing:

docker build

Or by downloading directly from the registry:

docker pull mozart-analytics/grails

Extra: How to use for your Grails apps

You can also leverage the use of this image for your internal apps if you want more freedom of customization and speed of initialization. To do this:

  1. Create a Dockerfile for your app.
  2. Use this image as the FROM: image of your app's Dockerfile.
  3. Put your app's Dockerfile on the root of the app's folder.
  4. Build your image using your own custom Dockerfile.

An example of a Dockerfile for a Grails-Hello-World app could be:

FROM mozart/grails
MAINTAINER Manuel Ortiz Bey <>

# Copy code to /app directory
COPY . /app

# Download app dependencies
RUN grails refresh-dependencies

# Use `run-app` instead of image's default run-war.
CMD ["run-app"]

Then build your Docker image by executing:

docker build -t "{repo-name}/Grails-Hello-World" .

And finally run your app as a Docker container by executing:

docker run -i -t -p 8080:8080 {repo-name}/Grails-Hello-World

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