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Simple and minimalistic image with nothing more than OpenJDK JRE installed.
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Minimal OpenJDK JRE

Based in alpine image, and with nothing more than Java OpenJDK Runtime libraries installed, this image offers a minimalistic and simple way to run your Java based app.

Java 7 & 8

Both versions are available and ready to be use. Use one of the following tags to choose witch one to use:

  • 7u91
  • 8u66

How to Run

Let's start with a simple run

$ docker run -i 123software/openjdk-jre:7u91 java -version

But of course, you would't be interested in a Java image that only thing it does is return a java version, so, here is an example of how to execute a jar file.

Create a Dockerfile like following:

FROM 123software/openjdk-jre:7u91
MAINTAINER Moreno, Carlos Santiago <>
COPY myjar.jar /myjar.jar
ENTRYPOINT ["java","-jar","/myjar.jar"]

Now let's build it, and run it:

# Build it
$ docker build -t my-java-app-image .
# And run it
$ docker run my-java-app-image

What's next?

Now you have a goog docker image to run your java apps, let your crativity flys. But if you think you could use some ideas, visit 123Software! Blog.

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