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Docker container with calibre-server(3.x) preinstalled
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Docker container with calibre(3.x) preinstalled

Get the image

You can pull it from or clone this repo and build it.

All you need is the Dockerfile.

Use your library

This container exposes the volume /opt/calibre/server as calibre library, /opt/calibre/conf as calibre conf(where users.sqlite is stored) and the port 8080

To allow calibre to run your library you have to mount it as a volume with -v /your/library/location:/opt/calibre/library

To enable auth you have to mount a conf folder with -v /your/calibre/conf:/opt/calibre/conf.

Run the container

docker run -d -p 80:8080 \
-v /media/calibre/books:/opt/calibre/library \
--name calibre-server 15cm/calibre-server


According to Managing user accounts from the command-line only part of calibre 3.x manual, you have to manager user accounts for the server first if you want to enable authentication for calibre server.

Therefore, to enable auth you should first create user accounts by running(userdb will be stored at /yout/calibre/conf/users.sqlite):

docker run --rm -i \
-v /your/calibre/conf:/opt/calibre/conf \
15cm/calibre-server --manage-users

Then run calibre server with auth arguments:

docker run -d -p 80:8080 -v /media/calibre/books:/opt/calibre/library \
-v /your/calibre/conf:/opt/calibre/conf \
--name calibre-server 15cm/calibre-server \
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