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SSH Container
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Customer SSH Environment

This image provides the environment in to which we place interactive sessions started by customers. The relevent volumes for the project are mounted in to well known common locations to make the container based hosting environment feel more like a familiar server environment.

Additionally this image is responsible for hosting the cron daemon, making everything available via SSH available to cron.

Despite the name this image does not expose SSH, instead it is expected that the platform handle the actual SSH connection and places the TTY in to the container.


Please note this image is explictly intended to be run as a non-privileged user. Ensure you specify a user id (UID) other than zero when you run it. Running as root will not function.


docker run -i -t -u ${UID}:0 1and1internet/ubuntu-16-customerssh bash



docker run --name=${NAME} -d -u ${UID}:0 1and1internet/ubuntu-16-customerssh /init/
docker exec -i -t ${NAME} bash

Building and testing

A simple Makefile is included for your convience. It assumes a linux environment with a docker socket available at /var/run/docker.sock

To build and test just run make.
You can also just make pull, make build and make test separately.

Please see the top of the Makefile for various variables which you may choose to customise. Variables may be passed as arguments, e.g. make IMAGE_NAME=bob or make build BUILD_ARGS="--rm --no-cache"

Modifying the tests

The tests depend on shared testing code found in its own git repository called drone-tests.

To use a different tests repository set the TESTS_REPO variable to the git URL for the alternative repository. e.g. make TESTS_REPO=

To use a locally modified copy of the tests repository set the TESTS_LOCAL variable to the absolute path of where it is located. This variable will override the TESTS_REPO variable. e.g. make TESTS_LOCAL=/tmp/github/1and1internet/drone-tests/

Docker Pull Command