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nginx compiled with push stream module Dockerfile :
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Docker image for an nginx with additional push stream module

NGINX Version 1.11.2



This repository consists of pre-built scripts and docker ready-to-built Dockerfile

Compiling from scratch

This docker image based on latest Alpine linux. The build processes composed up in 2 steps:

  1. Compile nginx with its additional push stream module
  2. Building docker image and docker container

To build from scratch just run build script from shell

# ./

The script will build image based on /build/Dockerfile, create container and compile nginx with additional module on that container. The result of this process is nginx.tar.gz file.

The script then build Dockerfile and use nginx.conf as its default configuration file.

By default, docker images name defined in line 2 and 3 in


Exposed port by default is on 8080

To customise compiled nginx package, edit /build/Dockerfile before running this script

Building Image

To build docker image, simply run docker build

# docker build -t nginx-push-stream .

To create container based created image:

# docker run -d --name nginx-push-stream -p 8080:80 -t nginx-push-stream
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