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Node.js Docker images based on Alpine Linux
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What is Node.js?

This image inherits from the node image adding support to manage the Node.js configuration through Consul

It includes :

  • S6 Overlay to properly manage multiple services in one container
  • Consul template to manage dynamic configuration based on Consul


Run scripts

To run a single script, you can mount it in a volume under /app. From the root of your application directory (assuming your script is named hello.js):

docker run -v ${PWD}:/app -w /app -it --rm 1science/node node hello.js 

Consul Template

The following example mount the Consul template configuration in the container:

docker run --name nginx-consul -v etc/consul-template:/etc/consul-template:ro -d 1science/nginx:consul


An image based on the lightweight Alpine Linux distribution is available with the tag {version}-alpine.

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