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FROM java:latest MAINTAINER 3apag # Setup the environment: ENV ACTIVATOR_VERSION 1.3.7 ENV DEBIAN_FRONTEND noninteractive # Add project source files ADD app /opt/app ADD test /opt/test ADD conf /opt/conf ADD public /opt/public ADD build.sbt /opt/ ADD project/plugins.sbt /opt/project/ ADD project/ /opt/project/ ADD activator /opt/activator ADD activator-launch-$ACTIVATOR_VERSION.jar /opt/ # Build and test the play app - if tests fail, no image will be created RUN cd /opt; ./activator test stage # Build was successful - configure the image: WORKDIR /opt RUN ["chown", "-R", "daemon:daemon", "."] RUN mkdir /opt/logs VOLUME ["/opt/logs"] USER daemon ENTRYPOINT ["target/universal/stage/bin/3ap-status-board"] EXPOSE 9000
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