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A Wall for YO's ( send yo's to yowall and you'll get a yo when a new version will be made )
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A wall for yo's

Run it with doker

$ docker run –name=“yowall” -e YOAPI_KEY=_youryoapikey -e YOSECRET=_yoursecret -p IP:PORT:3000 3kdio/yowall

youryoapikey => your yo api key, you'll get it at

IP => (optional) public ip you want your server to listen from ( for any you should write or leave it blank and remove the semicolon after the IP )

PORT => port you want your server to listen from ( probably should be 80 )

yoursecret => secret key to be sure yo's comming from yo official server

Add the callback url at the yo api website, the url is http://yourbaseurl/receiveyo?secret=yoursecret

Build it yourself with docker

git clone this repository, enter it and

$ docker build -t yourname/yowall .

then run it

Run it cowboy style

Clone this repo

Enter the repo

Install node & npm

Install grunt-cli & bower globaly with # npm install –silent -g grunt-cli bower

Install backend dependencies with $ npm install

Install frontend dependencies with $ bower install

Compile frontend files with $ grunt

Set environment variables :

  • YO_API_KEY with your api key

  • YO_SECRET with a secret key
    run $node main.js

the app default port is 3000

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