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Applications does two-body and three-body resonances identification.
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Repository contains resonances application

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Start the postgres container
docker run --name resonances-data-container -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=qweasd -d 4xxi/resonances-data:latest
It shows you possible parameters

Run application.
docker run -it --rm --link resonances-data-container:postgres --name resonances -e RESONANCES_DB_NAME=resonances -e RESONANCES_DB_USER=postgres 4xxi/resonances


Load asteroid catalog to /opt/catalog in resonances-data-container. If you don't do it, resonances loads it from web.

Storing data.

Don't forget, if you want pass a file to application or get a file from it, you should mount it considert the path pointed in application's options.
For example:
docker run -v /path/on/host/aei-files:/aei-files:rw \ amarkov/resonances:v4 calc --from-day=2451000.5 --to-day=38976000.5 --start=1 --stop=101 -p /aei-files
This command will place outout files to /aei-files for this reason you should mount to this directory volume from host.

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