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Provide stow process in a docker image.
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This is basically a copy of

perl is installed as an additional dependency.
The version of stow used is updated.
The version of phusion is updated.

I also added an echo at the end of the build process for absolute beginners. Basically you can run all sorts of things like docker run -i --rm=true 573c/stow stow --version etc. with this image, even on a windows machine.

PS. Tried to use alpine as base image, but alpine has no texi2html and the wrapper provided adding:

# texi2html => texi2any,
# does not work:
# texi2html --P=. --output=doc/manual-single.html -expandinfo -menu -monolithic -verbose doc/stow.texi
# texi2any: --paragraph-indent arg must be numeric/`none'/`asis', not `.'.
# Value "xpandinfo" invalid for option e (number expected)
# Unknown option: x
RUN cd /usr/bin && \
    echo -e "#!/bin/sh\nexec texi2any --set-customization-variable TEXI2HTML=1 \x22\$@\x22" >texi2html && \
    chmod +x texi2html

to the Dockerfile didn't work.

##Windows (Docker Toolbox)

Good starting point article:
Instead of ~ use the /c/Users/yourname (environment variable USERPROFILE) reference there, as this directory is by default mounted in the VirtualBox backend. Having created the /c/Users/yourname/dotfiles structure and moved files as suggested in the article you may start the docker machine and run stow finally:

yourhost:~$ docker-machine ssh default
docker@default:~$ docker run -ti --rm=true -v /c/Users/yourname:/home 573c/stow bash -c 'cd /home/dotfiles && stow bash'

Changing to /c/Users/yourname, the folder with dotfiles first should work as well:
docker@default:~$ cd /c/Users/yourname
docker@default:~$ docker run --rm=true -it --volume $(pwd):$(pwd) --workdir $(pwd) 573c/stow bash -c 'cd dotfiles && stow bash'

TODO Make a pull request to eventually.

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