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Simple development environment for laravel framework
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This is a Laravel application image based on artisan and php7.0-fpm. In order to use this image effectively, you'll need to do following:

  • At host machine:
  1. Pull this image:
    $ docker pull 60gdan/laravel
  2. Create network with static IP for testing:
    $ docker network create --subnet= dockernet
  3. Run docker container:
    $ docker run --rm -i -t -p --net dockernet --ip -v ~/dir/with/your_projects:/srv/laravel_apps 60gdan/laravel
  • At docker container:
  1. (optional) For the first run you can create laravel template project, if you don't have one:
    # cd /srv/laravel_apps
    # laravel new your_project_name
  2. Now you can start your laravel app:
    # php /srv/laravel_apps/your_project_name/artisan serve --host --port 8000
  3. Now if you open browser at address, you will see Laravel start page
    So you can develop new laravel app in your favorite IDE just importing project dir (~/dir/with/your_projects/your_project_name/)!
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