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A Web-based IDE for Teams using Go programming language/Golang.
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Have a try first, then download and setup it on your local area network, enjoy yourself!


  • 关于 Wide 的产品定位,请看这里,并欢迎参与讨论~
  • 加入黑客派,与其他程序员、设计师共同成长!


A <b>W</b>eb-based <b>IDE</b> for Teams using Go programming language/Golang.


Daniel and Vanessa are the main authors of Wide, here are all contributors.

Wide 的主要作者是 DanielVanessa,所有贡献者可以在这里看到。


  • Team IDE:
    • Safe and reliable: the project source code stored on the server in real time, the developer's machine crashes without losing any source code
    • Unified environment: server unified development environment configuration, the developer machine without any additional configuration
    • Out of the box: 5 minutes to setup a server then open browser to develop, debug
    • Version Control: each developer has its own source code repository, easy sync with the trunk
  • Web-based IDE:
    • Developer needs a browser only
    • Cross-platform, even on mobile devices
    • Easy to extend
    • Easy to integrate with other systems
    • For the geeks
  • A try for commercial-open source: versions customized for enterprises, close to their development work flows respectively
  • Currently more popular Go IDE has some defects or regrets:
    • Text editor (vim/emacs/sublime/Atom, etc.): For the Go newbie is too complex
    • Plug-in (goclipse, etc.): the need for the original IDE support, not professional
    • LiteIDE: no modern user interface :p
    • No team development experience
  • There are a few of GO IDEs, and no one developed by Go itself, this is a nice try


  • [X] Code Highlight, Folding: Go/HTML/JavaScript/Markdown etc.
  • [X] Autocomplete: Go/HTML etc.
  • [X] Format: Go/HTML/JSON etc.
  • [X] Build & Run
  • [X] Multiplayer: a real team development experience
  • [X] Navigation, Jump to declaration, Find usages, File search etc.
  • [X] Shell: run command on the server
  • [X] Web development: HTML/JS/CSS editor with Emmet integrated
  • [X] Go tool: go get/install/fmt etc.
  • [X] File Import & Export
  • [X] Themes: editor and UI adjust, respectively
  • [X] Cross-Compilation
  • [ ] Debug
  • [ ] Git integration: git command on the web


  • Overview

  • Goto File

  • Autocomplete

  • Theme

  • Show Expression Info

  • Build Error Info

  • Git Clone

  • Cross-Compilation

  • Playground


Build & Run

  • A browser tab corresponds to a Wide session
  • Execution output push via WebSocket


  1. Browser sends Build request
  2. Server executes go build command via os/exec<br/>
    2.1. Generates a executable file
  3. Browser sends Run request
  4. Server executes the file via os/exec<br/>
    4.1. A running process<br/>
    4.2. Execution output push via WebSocket channel
  5. Browser renders with callback function ws.onmessage

Code Assist

  • Autocompletion
  • Find Usages/Jump To Declaration/etc.


  1. Browser sends code assist request
  2. Handler gets user workspace of the request with HTTP session
  3. Server executes gocode/ide_stub(gotools)<br/>
    3.1 Sets environment variables (e.g. ${GOPATH})<br/>
    3.2 gocode with lib-path parameter



Download Binary

We have provided OS-specific executable binary as follows:

  • linux-amd64/386
  • windows-amd64/386
  • darwin-amd64/386

Download HERE!

Build Wide for yourself

  1. Download source or by git clone
  2. Get dependencies with
    • go get
    • go get
  3. Compile wide with go build


  1. Get image: sudo docker pull 88250/wide:latest
  2. Run: sudo docker run -p 88250/wide:latest ./wide -docker=true -channel=ws://
  3. Open browser:

Known Issues


  • This software is open sourced under the Apache License 2.0
  • You can not get rid of the "Powered by B3log" from any page, even which you made
  • If you want to use this software for commercial purpose, please mail to for a commercial license request
  • Copyright ©, all rights reserved


Wide is made possible by the following open source projects.

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