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Smartling is a library and cli tool for managing Smartling projects
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A client implementation of the Smartling Translation API in Go.

It consists of a library for use in other projects, and a CLI tool.

Using the Library

You can find documentation at

import ""

client := smartling.NewClient(apiKey, projectId)
    Limit: 20,

CLI tool

The smartling CLI tool provides a familiar unix-like command interface to the Smartling API, as well as providing a project command to manage a project's local files.

Install it with go get
run it as a docker container docker run --rm -v MyProject:/work 99designs/smartling ls

   ls           list remote files
   stat         display the translation status of a remote file
   get          downloads a remote file
   put          uploads a local file
   rename       renames a remote file
   rm           removes a remote file
   lastmodified shows when a remote file was modified last
   locales      list the locales for the project
   project      manage local project files

The smartling project command

The smartling project commands are designed for some common use-cases in a dev or CI environment.

   files  lists the local files
   status show the status of the project's remote files
   pull   translate local project files using Smartling as a translation memory
   push   upload local project files that contain untranslated strings

"Pushing" uploads files to a smartling project using a prefix. By default it uses the git branch name , but you can also specifiy the wanted prefix as an argument. A hash is also used in the prefix to prevent clobbering.

"Pulling" translates local project files using Smartling as a translation memory.

Other cool features:

  • downloaded translation files are cached (default is 4 hours) in ~/.smartling/cache
  • operations mostly happen concurrently
  • filetypes get detected automatically

Configuration file

The CLI tool uses a project level config file called smartling.yml for configuration.

Example config:

# Required config
ApiKey: "11111111-2222-3333-4444-555555555555"             # Smartling API Key
ProjectId: "666666666"                                     # Smartling Project Id
Files:                                                     # Files in the project
  - translations/*.xlf                                     # Globbing can be used,
  - foo/bar.xlf                                            # as well as individual files

# Optional config
CacheMaxAge: "4h"                                          # How long to cache translated files for
FileType: "xliff"                                          # Override the detected file type
ParserConfig:                                              # Add a custom configuration
  placeholder_format_custom: "%[^%]+%"
PullFilePath: "{{ TrimSuffix .Path .Ext }}.{{.Locale}}{{.Ext}}" # The naming scheme when pulling files
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