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Ghost is a free and open source blogging platform written in JavaScript
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Ghost is a free and open source blogging platform written in JavaScript and distributed under the MIT License, designed to simplify the process of online publishing for individual bloggers as well as online publications.

How to use this image

$ docker run --name some-ghost -d ghost

This will start a Ghost instance listening on the default Ghost port of 2368.

If you'd like to be able to access the instance from the host without the container's IP, standard port mappings can be used:

$ docker run --name some-ghost -p 8080:2368 -d ghost

Then, access it via http://localhost:8080 or http://host-ip:8080 in a browser.

You can also point the image to your existing content on your host:

$ docker run --name some-ghost -v /path/to/ghost/blog:/var/lib/ghost ghost

Alternatively you can use a data container that has a volume that points to /var/lib/ghost and then reference it:

$ docker run --name some-ghost --volumes-from some-ghost-data ghost

What is the Node.js version?

When opening a ticket at it becomes necessary to know the version of Node.js in use:

$ docker exec <container-id> node --version

Image Variants

The ghost images come in many flavors, each designed for a specific use case.


This is the defacto image. If you are unsure about what your needs are, you probably want to use this one. It is designed to be used both as a throw away container (mount your source code and start the container to start your app), as well as the base to build other images off of.


This image is based on the popular Alpine Linux project, available in the alpine official image. Alpine Linux is much smaller than most distribution base images (~5MB), and thus leads to much slimmer images in general.

This variant is highly recommended when final image size being as small as possible is desired. The main caveat to note is that it does use musl libc instead of glibc and friends, so certain software might run into issues depending on the depth of their libc requirements. However, most software doesn't have an issue with this, so this variant is usually a very safe choice. See this Hacker News comment thread for more discussion of the issues that might arise and some pro/con comparisons of using Alpine-based images.

To minimize image size, it's uncommon for additional related tools (such as git or bash) to be included in Alpine-based images. Using this image as a base, add the things you need in your own Dockerfile (see the alpine image description for examples of how to install packages if you are unfamiliar).

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Comments (29)
4 months ago

node 4.x has come to it's maintenance period. Any reason why we are not moving to node 6.x?

4 months ago

I had trouble importing my Ghost JSON backup using the 'labs/import' feature due to "Request contains an unknown or unsupported file type". Apparently Ghost didn't recognize the .json file as a valid extension, and was asking me to upload a zip file. For anyone with the same problem, I just zipped the .json file, and then uploaded it. It worked. Worth notting that it was the 0.11.7 image of the container.

a year ago

Could we get a 0.9 tag please? Dockerfile seems updated to 0.9

a year ago

Why tag "latest" doesn't point to version 0.9.0 but to 0.8.0??

a year ago

Thanks so much for the awesome work. ETA on an image for v0.9.0?

a year ago

Have you guys thought about incorporating Let'sEncrypt for Node.js into this Docker build? I saw a thread started on the Let'sEncrypt forum, and there was this repo that looks pretty interesting:

Sure, we can bake this in ourselves...but it sure would be nice to have something native from the Official Ghost Docker resource. Any thoughts?

a year ago

Running the latest docker image, I cannot connect to it on localhost:2368. I receive no errors. Am I missing something?

a year ago

Hey guys, I am trying to understand why you want to restart npm inside the container rather than restart the whole container?

2 years ago

any feedback on how to restart npm within the container?

Thats somethin im also asking myself for the last 24 hours :-)

2 years ago

any feedback on how to restart npm within the container?