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Scrapy Playground

I created this repository to quickly get started with scrapy and scrapyd. I've
included a Dockerfile to build a container with everything required to run a
scrapyd instance.

Also included is the tutorial spider as an example of how to deploy spiders,
and as an added bonus, I created a spider that has image pipeline capabilities!

Quickstart with

To get up and running with the scrapy playground using fig

fig up

This will build the Docker container and spin up two containers. One is a
persistent data container where spiders/logs/etc. will be stored. The second is
the scrapyd server. Skip to the Deploying the tutorial spider section to
start scraping!

Running scrapyd in Docker w/o Fig

If you want to build your own container,

docker build -t scrapyd .
docker run -it -p 6800:6800 scrapyd

Otherwise, I have an automated build on Docker Hub that you can use,

docker run -it -p 6800:6800 a5huynh/scrapyd

Deploying the tutorial project

First, make sure the IP address to the container is correct in the scrapy.cfg
file. Then you can deploy the spider to the scrapyd container using,

scrapyd-deploy docker -p test

Make sure you're in the root directory of the tutorial project, where the
scrapy.cfg resides. You can call the project anything you want, just be sure
to correctly refer to the project name when scheduling things.

You can check the status of the project/spiders and logs on the scrapyd web GUI
located at http://[docker host]:6800

Scheduling the tutorial spider

To schedule the basic tutorial spider, use the scrapyd API:

curl http://[docker host]:6800/schedule.json -d project=test -d spider=tutorial

Scheduling the coverart spider

To schedule the more complex coverart spider:

curl http://[docker host]:6800/schedule.json -d project=test -d spider=coverart

Cover art images will be stored on the

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