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A simple interview challenge to demonstrate basic Docker and troubleshooting skills
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Docker interview challenge

So, you're going to show that you know a thing or two about Docker and demonstrate some basic troubleshooting skills? Great, this is the right place to begin. This challenge involves nginx, but it's OK if you've never worked with it before. After all, all the info about its basic setup is a google away, right?

Since this challenge is very basic and is mainly supposed to filter out all those claiming some Docker knowledge while having none, forget about any Easter eggs and hidden tasks—it's as plain and straightforward, as it can be. Just run the container, find the issue, fix it, and give me a proof. That's it.

Ready? Let's go! Here are the basic steps, with the details skipped on purpose ;)

  1. Run this image as a Docker container, exposing port 80
  2. Nginx will start automatically, just open its root URL and you'll see the error
  3. Figure out what's wrong, fix it, and once the page is served correctly, send me the GUID you'll see there—it's totally enough for a proof.

That's pretty much it! Let me know if you're stuck at some specific point: I'm evaluating your attitude to solving problems, not actual knowledge.

P.S. It's possible to get the proof without actually fixing anything, though the sole fact that you were able to get the key will be enough.

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