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Lithium Li3 RAD Framework docker image
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Lithium Li3 Docker Image

This docker image is packed with php 5.6 plus required packages (including mongodb driver) to start working on li3 RAD framework


As some restriction from Composer a user called li3 was created and its home dir is /home/li3 it's recommended to use this user

docker run -u li3 aaron50x/li3-docker


A location inside image is a volume set in Dockerfile, this is /home/li3/app, so it's recommended to use when working with external sources


Simple usage

In this simple sample, port 8080 is exposed, but you can expose any port you use in your development:

user@host:~$ docker run -it -u li3 -p 8080:8080 aaron50x/li3-docker bash
# once create and in interactive mode, your workdir is /home/li3/app
# now you can start creating your sample app, by executing composer command
# more info
li3@cd7898df832e:~/app$ composer create-project --prefer-dist unionofrad/framework project
# once installed your brand new li3 app, you can cd into your just created project
li3@cd7898df832e:~/app$ cd project
# and expose php built-in development server
li3@cd7898df832e:~/app$ php -S -t app/webroot index.php

In your browser you can go directly to http://localhost:8080 and see your li3 app, up and running :)

External Source

If you need to link the source of your li3 app to a dir in your host, you can base your container creation installation in following script:

Here is assumed that your sources exist in /home/user/li3/project

docker run -it -u li3 -p 8080:8080 -v /home/user/li3/project:/home/li3/app aaron50x/li3-docker php -S -t app/webroot index.php

Alpine Tag

You can use the alpine lightweight version by using the alpine tag, example:

docker run -it -u li3 -p 8080:8080 -v /home/user/li3/project:/home/li3/app aaron50x/li3-docker:alpine php -S -t app/webroot index.php


Any feedback is welcome to

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