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OpenBazaar-Server running as an application through openbazaard.
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OpenBazaar-Server treated as openbazaard application load up.


I became frustrated of getting an openbazaar-server instance running. It's not complicated to get the install, but could be easier and lighter. This container is to address that case. Everything required to run the server is set up. It uses openbazaard as an application through the container. At the same time, instead of using ubuntu for the base os, the container uses alpine. Among a couple reasons, my main purpose in using alpine instead of ubuntu was to get the container as small and light as possible to use on arm boards.


Not much is needed to run the container app, but you do need to address the pieces listed below.


The following port range are exposed and should be binded:

EXPOSE 18466-18470


The following file should be mounted or else you won't have access to the user/password assignment of the server:



The container uses openbazaard as an application to run. To run the container, you need to have the requirements described above. The default case to run the container would be:

docker run -v <path of ob.cfg>:/app/ob.cfg -P abaez/openbazaard

The container has CMD designed to use commands. you can find the commands that are available to use in the repository or by running the help command:

docker run abaez/openbazaard help
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