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Web monitor HTML‌ front-end
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Simple plain-html render for web-monitor using nodejs-mithril. I supposed to be compitable with no-script mode.

Create configuration

To run the application you need to create the configuration file first.
It has all the data about [web-monitor server] and [keycloak]. You can easily rename config_sample.json to config.json and fill each field with corresponding value.

  • web_monitor_server: Full URL of the server.
  • keycloak_server: This is the server which [web-monitor server] uses for authentication. The keycloak coniguration for this project is in public/keycloak.json.
  • keycloak_username: Username for getting token from the server.
  • keycloak_password: Password for getting token from the server.
  • keycloak_realm: Realm for getting token from the server.
  • keycloak_clent: Client app defined in keycloak configuration for getting token from the server.


You need to setup [NodeJS] 5.5.0+ and then setup [NodeJS] required packages by:

npm install

and bower required package by:

cd public/
bower install

Run it

Easily run the command bellow to run it:

node app.js

the application will run on port 8080. If you want to run the app on the other port you can use (ex 7000):

PORT=7000 && node app.js

Using Docker

You can use docker to run web-monitor.

docker run --link my-web-monitor:web-monitor -p --name my-web-monitor-html -d web-monitor-html
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