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Container that backs up MySQL databases to Google Big Query
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MySQL to Google Big Query

Backs up MySQL databases to Google Big Query.

GCLOUD_SERVICE_KEY=`base64 <your-service-account.json>`
docker run \
  -e MYSQL_HOST= \
  -e MYSQL_USER=root \
  -e MYSQL_PASSWORD=password \
  -e BQ_PROJECT_ID=1092187650 \
  -e BQ_DATASET_ID=mydataset \
  -e EXCLUDE_DB=foo|bar \


The Google Cloud project ID.

BQ_DATASET_ID (optional)

The Big Query dataset ID to import the tables in. If left blank it will use the source table name.


Base64 encoded Google Cloud service account json file. Generate as follows.

To generate it visit, and click on ‘API Manager’, then ‘Credentials’, then ‘New credentials’, then select ‘Service account key’.
Create and download the service account json file, then run the following command to get a base64 encoded version of it.

GCLOUD_SERVICE_KEY=`base64 <your-service-account.json>`

REPLACE_DATA (optional)

Empty Big Query table before importing new data.

BATCH_SIZE (optional)

How many rows to export per batch. Defaults to 1 million.


MySQL host.

MYSQL_PORT (optional)

Port the MySQL server is accessible on. Defaults to 3306.

MYSQL_USER (optional)

MySQL user. Defaults to root.


Password to use when connecting.

MYSQL_DB (optional)

MySQL DB to export. Exports all if left blank.

MYSQL_TABLE (optional)

MySQL table to export. Exports all if left blank.

EXCLUDE_DB (optional)

Pipe separated list of databases to exclude.

EXCLUDE_TABLE (optional)

Pipe separated list of tables to exclude.

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