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Meteor 1.4+ drop-in replacement image "meteord" image for "Meteor Up" (MUP)
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Current Node Version: 4.8.4 (Updated: 2017-07-17)

I believe this should work for any Meteor 1.4 or 1.5 release. It will not work for Meteor 1.6. Check the tags for older options! Check the Beta section below for newer options!


Tags now exist for node-8.x.x versions which are compatible with Meteor 1.6-beta.18 and newer. Look for them on the "Tags" tab, but keep in mind that they Node 8.3.0 and Meteor 1.6-beta.18 were just released (Aug 2017) and are not recommended for production. Please do help test though!


I take no credit for this image. It is based entirely upon the hard work of meteorhacks/meteord with a few simple changes by myself to make it compatible for Meteor 1.4 (in a crunch). It is intended to use with the zodern/meteor-up (previously kadrirahq/meteor-up) project and you should consult that documentation for help on how to use it.


Essentially, you need to use abernix/meteord:base (or an appropriate tag)[ as your docker image, but you should consult the docs on how to do that.

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8 months ago

@igor90007, Dockerfiles are in this repo:

8 months ago

Abernix, can you show Dockerfile?

9 months ago

@codehatcher Thanks. Doc link fixed. As to your meteor.port configuration, I think what you probably want is PORT=80 as an environment variable. Anyhow, that's a meteor-up question if you have further issues. :)

9 months ago

Heads up, docs link no longer works.

Also, do you honor the meteor.port config in the file. Every time I deploy with your image it always deploys to port 80 regardless of what I set

a year ago

Nice, this works. Thanks.

a year ago

$ mup setup
$ mup deploy

Both don't return anything, does that mean success or failure?

Also how to run after it is built?

a year ago

Thank you. I was able to deploy meteor successfully using your image.

a year ago

I've been running into issues with 1.4.1 as well, I wonder if it is due to the node version, I think this uses 4.4.7 instead of 4.5.0. My issue is specifically due to bcrypt.

a year ago

Hi, did you try it with Meteor 1.4.1 ? I have trouble deploying with Meteor-up on AWS EC2, everything works fine but my app is not actually updated .

a year ago

Hi, we've made another one image based on this, added cairo which is required for npm canvas package.