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MeowCAD Docker build
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A free and open source online electronic circuit design tool.

For the source, see:

You can also check out a live (but potentially outdated) version of the server at

This Docker image allows you to play with a local copy rather than using the service over the network.

The MeowCAD image is installed with self-signed certificate, so you'll have to add an exception when your browser initially tries to connect.

The Dockerfile is located under the config directory.


For the most part, it should work 'out of the box'. To run the server, here is a method that works:

$ sudo docker run -d -p 80 -p 443 abetusk/meowcad

On my system, I consistently get port 49153->443 and 49154->80. If you point your browser to port 49153, for example:

$ chromium-browser 'https://localhost:49153'

You should see the initial login page. Feel free to register a new user, but it's not necessary and you can go to either https://localhost:49153/sch or https://localhost:49153/brd to start editing a schematic or board respectively.

It is highly recommended you use Chrome or Chromium as your browser as the application is slow under Firefox. Safari and IE are untested.

As of now **storage is not persistent**. All changes will be lost after the docker image stops running.


Apache2 is running behind HAProxy so all standard logging applies to both of those tools though HAProxy might not have logging turned on.

Unfortunately the other logging is all over the place right now. Most non-system logs are located under the meow user in one directory or another. The main ones are as follows:


meowserver is the node server that listens for messages and updates the redis database. mewprojectsnapshot polls the database to see if projects need their snapshots taken. libmod_* are the daemons in charge of importing 3rd party libraries. The libmod_* imports are, as of this writing, mostly untested and are probably the most brittle piece right now, so expect errors if you want to use that functionality.

It's in Alpha!

So expect bugs! Any issues should be raised here or on GitHub (or feel free to email me at abetusk at gmail dot com).


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