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The Drupal 8 Dev Environment Web server.
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Drupal 8 Development Kit

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Quick start

First, you need to have a Docker and Docker Compose installed.

For OS X users I would also recommend to have a docker-machine-nfs.

docker-compose up

That's all! You'll end up running with a fresh Drupal 8 installation at http://localhost:8000.
The administrator login is admin, password is password. Your Drupal files will be accessible at data/htdocs.

The phpMyAdmin is accessible at http://localhost:8001. The administrator login is root, password is password.

Recreating containers

Sometimes you may want to remove existing containers and re-run everything from scratch. To do this, run:

docker-compose stop
docker-compose rm -f

This will stop and remove any existing containers.
Note that your data is still in the data folder.

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