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MS SQL Server 2016 Developer Edition
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Built according to official Docker image of SQL Server 2016 Developer Edition:


# MS SQL Server 2016 Developer Edition image

FROM microsoft/windowsservercore:10.0.14393.321

# Download links and default runtime parameters

ENV sql_server_exe_download_url="" \
    sql_server_box_download_url="" \
    sa_password=_ \

# Start script

COPY ["start.ps1", "/"]

# Download Microsoft SQL Server
#     extract setup files
#     install MS SQL Server
#     remove downloaded files and temporal files created during installation
#     tune MS SQL Server configuration (TCP connectivity, authentication mode, etc)

RUN powershell -Command (New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadFile('%sql_server_box_download_url%', '') &&\
    powershell -Command (New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadFile('%sql_server_exe_download_url%', 'SQLServer2016-DEV-x64-ENU.exe') &&\
    /SQLServer2016-DEV-x64-ENU.exe /qs /x:setup &&\
    /setup/setup.exe /q /ACTION=Install /INSTANCENAME=SQLDEV /FEATURES=SQLEngine \
    del /F /Q SQLServer2016-DEV-x64-ENU.exe &&\
    del /F /Q &&\
    rd /q /s setup &&\
    powershell -Command \
        set-strictmode -version latest ; \
        stop-service MSSQL`$SQLDEV ; \
        set-itemproperty -path 'HKLM:\software\microsoft\microsoft sql server\mssql13.SQLDEV\mssqlserver\supersocketnetlib\tcp\ipall' -name tcpdynamicports -value '' ; \
        set-itemproperty -path 'HKLM:\software\microsoft\microsoft sql server\mssql13.SQLDEV\mssqlserver\supersocketnetlib\tcp\ipall' -name tcpport -value 1433 ; \
        set-itemproperty -path 'HKLM:\software\microsoft\microsoft sql server\mssql13.SQLDEV\mssqlserver\' -name LoginMode -value 2 ;

CMD powershell ./start.ps1 -sa_password %sa_password% -attach_dbs \"%attach_dbs%\" -Verbose
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