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Foreman container

This Dockerfile allows running Foreman git version in container.
It requires passing arguments during build:

  • FOREMAN - git branch\verion\tag\commit to checkout and install foreman from.
  • RUBY_VER - using RVM to run Foreman from specific Ruby version.
  • WITHOUT - Excluding gems during Foreman installation from source, for more details read Foreman Install From Source


  1. If additional plugins needed, declare them in "plugins"
    directory. For example:
    create 'plugins/foreman_reserve.rb' with the following content:

    gem 'foreman_reserve'

Docker will add the plugins before Foreman installation to bundler.d folder (/opt/foreman/bundler.d).

  1. Build:

    docker build --build-arg FOREMAN="1.7-stable" --build-arg RUBY_VER="2.0.0" --build-arg WITHOUT="mysql2 pg test" -t abraverm/foreman:1.7 .

  2. Run:

    docker run -d -P -e RUBY_VER="2.0.0" abraverm/foreman:1.7

  3. Foreman should be available at the assigned port (i.e 49157),
    browse to:


  4. Enter Foreman with the following credentials:

    • User name:


    • Password:


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