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Jenkins master and node based on Fedora image. Jenkins master, with the help of Docker plugin, able to start jobs on node.
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The Dockerfile builds image for latest
Jenkins based on Fedora.

Exposed ports :

  • 8080


  1. Access the Jenkins files from host

    Upon container creation, it is possible to share Jenkins files with host.
    The files will be accessable from :

    • Host - /path/on/host
    • Container - /shared

    • /var/lib/jenknis - "home" folder of jenkins (plugins, logs, etc)

    • /etc/sysconfig/jenkins - jenkins configuration
    • /root/.ssh - root ssh keys should be used for the ssh plugin

      Docker command :

      docker run -d -P -v /path/on/host:/shared abraverm/jenkins:master

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3 years ago

@lielran the is the default IP of NIC 'docker0' on your docker host. In my example the Jenkins master and nodes are running on the same host. Docker plugin (in Jenkins) communicates with [host on tcp][1] so "Make sure to configure Docker host to listen on TCP port" (read the information above). Also is the default gateway for the containers.


3 years ago

the URL to the Docker Server(Jenkins config) is not working for me... should i expose some kind of networking between the container of the master into my host ?
or in other words -who is in your's example? and why port 4243 ?

3 years ago

Currently there is an (issue)[1] with image tags in Docker plugin (0.7). Quick fix is to use Jenkins node image ID.