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Docker build for sonarqube
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About absolootly/docker-sonarqube


This is aDockerfilemethod to create a Docker container image for Sonarqube.

SonarQube software (previously called Sonar) is an open source quality management platform, dedicated to continuously analyze and measure technical quality, from project portfolio to method. If you wish to extend the SonarQube platform with open source plugins, have a look at our plugins forge.

Getting started


Automated builds of the image are available on Dockerhub and is the recommended method of installation.

docker pull absolootly/docker-sonarqube:latest

Alternatively you can build the image yourself.

docker build -t absolootly/docker-sonarqube


Start Sonarqube using:

docker run --name sonarqube -d --restart=always \
  --publish 8800:9000 \
  --volume /srv/docker/sonarqube:/var/lib/sonarqube \

Command-line arguments

You can customize the launch command of Sonarqube server by specifying arguments to sonarqube-server on the docker run command. For example the following command will enable the Append Only File persistence mode:

docker run --name sonarqube -d --restart=always \
  --publish 8800:9000 \
  --volume /srv/docker/sonarqube:/var/lib/sonarqube \
  absolootly/docker-sonarqube:latest --appendonly yes

Please refer to for further details.


Browse to localhost:8800 username admin password admin


To access the Sonarqube logs you can use docker exec. For example:

docker exec -it sonarqube tail -f /var/log/sonarqube/sonarqube-server.log



To upgrade to newer releases:

  1. Download the updated Docker image:

    docker pull absolootly/docker-sonarqube:latest
  2. Stop the currently running image:

    docker stop sonarqube
  3. Remove the stopped container

    docker rm -v sonarqube
  4. Start the updated image

    docker run --name sonarqube -d \
    [OPTIONS] \

Shell Access

docker exec -it sonarqube /bin/bash
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