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PHP 5.5 with Oracle client 12c and libraries required to run SugarCRM
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PHP 5.5 with Oracle


Image provides Apache, PHP 5.5 with Oracle client libraries and SQLPLUS utility and ready to be used with SugarCRM installations.

Running image

$ docker run -d --name sugar -e SUGAR_DB_TYPE=oci8 \ 
    -e DB_USER=sugar -e DB_PASS=sugar \
    -p 80:80 --link oracle:oracle --link elastic:elastic \ 
    -v $(pwd)/sugar.d:/sugar.d absolutapps/stack-php55-oracle

SUGAR_DB_TYPE can be set to mysql (which is default) or oci8
DB_USER should have admin privileges (e.g DBA for Oracle)
Each sugar ZIP bundle under /sugar.d folder will be unzipped and silently installed into /var/www/html/sugar/<Bundle_Name>

Possible options


SUGAR_LICENSE - String. Valid license key for appropriate SugarCRM version

Database options

SUGAR_DB_TYPE - [ mysql | oic8 ]
MYSQL_HOST - default: mysql
MYSQL_PORT - default: 3306
DB_USER default: sugar
DB_PASS default: sugar
ORACLE_SERVICE default: orcl
ORACLE_HOST default: oracle
ORACLE_PORT default: 1521
TNS_NAME default: ORCL

Oracle client is installed to /usr/local/lib/instantclient. All Oracle (e.g. ORACLE_HOME) related variables are point to this folder. File tnsnames.ora is populated by default with values based on TNS_NAME, ORACLE_HOST, ORACLE_PORT and ORACLE_SERVICE as per example:

      (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = oracle)(PORT = 1521))
        (SERVICE_NAME = orcl)

Elasticsearch related parameters

Sugar requires Elasticsearch to be available.
ELASTIC_HOST default: elastic
ELASTIC_PORT default: 9200

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