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Attempt of a dockerized cold fusion 2016 base image
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Docker ColdFusion 2016

ColdFusion 2016 as Docker image on Ubuntu 14.04. Run

Pull the docker container:

docker pull accent/coldfusion2016

And run it with:

docker run -d --name="mycf2016" -p 80:80 -p 8500:8500 -v /var/www:/var/www accent/coldfusion2016

Admin Password Workaround

Password set in installer.profile doesnt get picked up during the install, the following is an awful workaround.

The file build/install/ is copied to /tmp, contents:



cd /opt/coldfusion2016/cfusion/bin

expect -c '
    spawn ./
    expect {
        "*?changing*" { send 1\r
                        exp_continue }
        "*?assword*" { send "'"$PASSWORD"'\r"
                        exp_continue }

This runs during the install and sets the admin password to the above.

Docker Pull Command