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Docker container for CLTK
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Docker script for cltk

This repository contains Dockerfile for cltk.


  • Run the image using:
    $ sudo docker run -it achaitanyasai/cltk bash
    Once it's done, it should open a bash shell as a root user. Now you can check whether cltk and it's corpora are installed or not using:
  • Check python version:
    $ python --version #Should display 3.5.1
    Python 3.5.1
  • Check whether cltk and it's corpora is installed or not:
    >>> import cltk
    >>> from cltk.corpus.utils.importer import CorpusImporter
    >>> corpus_importer = CorpusImporter('greek')  # e.g., or CorpusImporter('latin')
    >>> corpus_importer.list_corpora
    ['greek_software_tlgu', 'greek_text_perseus', 'phi7', 'tlg', 'greek_proper_names_cltk', 'greek_models_cltk', 'greek_treebank_perseus', 'greek_lexica_perseus', 'greek_training_set_sentence_cltk', 'greek_word2vec_cltk']
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