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Short Description
Active Directory enabled mailserver providing Exim4 MTA and Dovecot MUA.
Full Description

This image will create a email server providing ADC users (currently SAMBA 4 tested only) with email services. In order to run it you will need:

Environmental variables

SAMBA_REALM = the realm for the samba installation
SAMBA_SERVER = the servername or the docker link name. Defaults to ADC
SAMBA_LOGIN = for authentication reasons we have got to supply a user to conect to SAMBA server.
SAMBA_PASSWORD = the password for the supplied DN
MAIL_SERVER_NAME = the name for the mailserver (will apear in the SMTP server banner)
MAIL_RECIPIENT_DOMAINS = usualy only one name containing the domain we receive mail for.
MAIL_RELAY_DOMAINS = usualy none - see exim4 doc for more details

Exposed PORTS: [22], 25, 110, 143, 465, 587, 993, 995.

Exposed volumes: /var/mail - will contain the user homes for the email services. They are automatically created when a user first log in.

Example setup:
sudo docker run -v /mail:/var/mail -e "" -e "SAMBA_SERVER:adc" -e "SAMBA_LOGIN=lauth" -e "SAMBA_PASSWORD=<<<<>>>>" -e "SAMBA_BASEDN=dc=ccpr,dc=ro" -e "" -e "" -e "" -e "MAIL_RELAY_HOSTS=;::1" --link ccpr-dc1:adc --name adc-mail-prod -p -p -p -p -p -p -p -d achirosca/exim4-dovecot-adc


After startup make sure you wait for the setup to complete (using docker logs -f container_name). Only a complete installation will be usable. This log also contains the administrator login for the container.

Always check the DNS setup to point to SAMBA4 ADC for Domain Name Resolution. use dig to see the IP of the DNS in use. Change /etc/resolv.conf if needed.

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