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MongoDB with fixed Bluemix permissions
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Mongo container with persistent volume fixes for IBM Bluemix

The main goal is to inherit from the official Mongo image.

This image can act as a standalone mongo server or as a node of mongo HA cluster, depending on ENV variables. Authentication is enabled during the setup and default root and myUserAdmin accounts are created.

Following ENV variables must be specified:

  • MONGO_ROOT_PASSWORD password of user root who has access to all dbs
  • WT_CACHE size of WiredTiger cache. Set to 60% of allocated RAM of the constainer - 1 GB. This is needed to specify, as containers don't know their RAM size.

Following ENV variables are optional, if set (both) the image acts as a node of a cluster:

  • REPL_SET_NAME specifies replica set (name of the cluster)
  • CLUSTER_KEY is a shared key that use single nodes of the cluster to authenticate to each other (keep it long)
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