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ACL Development Container for Legacy Shops
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ACL Development Container for Legacy Shops

This container is based on the official "centos/6.7" image. It runs PHP 5.3 with xdebug, it also provides the ZendGuardLoader and the IonCube Loader.

The Docker container creates a user and group with UID 1000 and GID 1000, it is advised to run this container with a user with those same values. A workaround for this issue is still in the works.

Apache is set up to run on port 80 and has the DocumentRoot set to /var/www/html, but if you wish to have the DocumentRoot in a subdirectory of /var/www/html, then you need to pass the environment variable APPDIR with the name of the subdirectory to the container. This is useful if you need to map paths between the container and the local environment for xdebug. Just remember to mount the volume into that subdirectory then, and map your port. Example command with latest version:
docker run -it -e "APPDIR=appdir" -v $(pwd):/var/www/html/appdir -p 8080:80 aclabs/devcont:1.0-php5.3_64bit

Your app should now be available on "localhost:8080".

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