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What is queXF?

queXF is a free and open source system web based paper form verification and data entry system

How to use this image

$ docker run --name some-quexf --link some-mysql:mysql -d -v /location-of-forms:/forms acspri/quexf

Where location-of-forms is a local path where PDF files will be monitored for importing

The following environment variables are also honored for configuring your queXF instance:

  • -e QUEXF_DB_HOST=... (defaults to the IP and port of the linked mysql container)
  • -e QUEXF_DB_USER=... (defaults to "root")
  • -e QUEXF_DB_PASSWORD=... (defaults to the value of the MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD environment variable from the linked mysql container)
  • -e QUEXF_DB_NAME=... (defaults to "quexf")
  • -e QUEXF_ADMIN_PASSWORD=... (defaults to "password")
  • -e QUEXF_FORMS_DIRECTORY=... (defaults to "/forms/")
  • -e QUEXF_IMAGES_DIRECTORY=... (defaults to "/images/")
  • -e QUEXF_DEBUG=... (defaults to 0 / off)
  • -e QUEXF_OCR_ENABLED=... (defaults to 0 / off)
  • -e QUEXF_HORI_WIDTH_BOX=... (see queXF config.default.php for details)
  • -e QUEXF_VERT_WIDTH_BOX=... (see queXF config.default.php for details)
  • -e QUEXF_BARCODE_TLX_PORTION=... (see queXF config.default.php for details)
  • -e QUEXF_BARCODE_TLY_PORTION=... (see queXF config.default.php for details)
  • -e QUEXF_BARCODE_BRX_PORTION=... (see queXF config.default.php for details)
  • -e QUEXF_BARCODE_BRY_PORTION=... (see queXF config.default.php for details)
  • -e QUEXF_BARCODE_TLX_PORTION2=... (see queXF config.default.php for details)
  • -e QUEXF_BARCODE_TLY_PORTION2=... (see queXF config.default.php for details)
  • -e QUEXF_BARCODE_BRX_PORTION2=... (see queXF config.default.php for details)
  • -e QUEXF_BARCODE_BRY_PORTION2=... (see queXF config.default.php for details)
  • -e QUEXF_DISPLAY_PAGE_WIDTH=... (defaults to 800 pixels wide for verifier display)
  • -e QUEXF_SINGLE_CHOICE_MIN_FILLED=... (see queXF config.default.php for details)
  • -e QUEXF_SINGLE_CHOICE_MAX_FILLED=... (see queXF config.default.php for details)
  • -e QUEXF_MULTIPLE_CHOICE_MIN_FILLED=... (see queXF config.default.php for details)
  • -e QUEXF_MULTIPLE_CHOICE_MAX_FILLED=... (see queXF config.default.php for details)
  • -e QUEXF_HTPASSWD_PATH=... (see queXF config.default.php for details, set this to /opt/quexf/password for auto password setting in this Docker container)
  • -e QUEXF_HTGROUP_PATH=... (see queXF config.default.php for details, set this to /opt/quexf/group for auto password setting in this Docker container)

If the QUEXF_DB_NAME specified does not already exist on the given MySQL server, it will be created automatically upon startup of the quexf container, provided that the QUEXF_DB_USER specified has the necessary permissions to create it.

If you'd like to be able to access the instance from the host without the container's IP, standard port mappings can be used:

$ docker run --name some-quexf --link some-mysql:mysql -p 8080:80 \
     -v /location-of-forms:/forms -d acspri/quexf

Then, access it via http://localhost:8080 or http://host-ip:8080 in a browser.

If you'd like to use an external database instead of a linked mysql container, specify the hostname and port with QUEXF_DB_HOST along with the password in QUEXF_DB_PASSWORD and the username in QUEXF_DB_USER (if it is something other than root):

$ docker run --name some-quexf -e QUEXF_DB_HOST= \
    -v /location-of-forms:/forms \
    -e QUEXF_DB_USER=... -e QUEXF_DB_PASSWORD=... -d acspri/quexf

... via docker-compose

Example docker-compose.yml for quexf:

version: '2'


    image: acspri/quexf
      - 8080:80
      - /location-of-forms:/forms
      QUEXF_DB_PASSWORD: example
      QUEXF_ADMIN_PASSWORD: password

    image: mariadb
      MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD: example

Run docker-compose up, wait for it to initialize completely, and visit http://localhost:8080 or http://host-ip:8080.

Supported Docker versions

This image is officially supported on Docker version 1.12.3.

Support for older versions (down to 1.6) is provided on a best-effort basis.

Please see the Docker installation documentation for details on how to upgrade your Docker daemon.


A default username is created:


The password is specified by the QUEXF_ADMIN_PASSWORD environment variable (defaults to: password)

This Dockerfile is based on the Wordpress official docker image

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