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Consul Agent and Server on Alpine
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A Consul Docker image based on Alpine Linux. It can be used to run in both
server mode and agent mode.


  • latest, 0.7, 0.7.0 (Dockerfile)
  • 0.2, 0.2.0
  • 0.1, 0.1.5


Pull the docker image from Docker hub as:

$ docker pull activatedgeek/consul

By default, this will pull the latest image.

The Consul configuration files are generated on the fly as the container runs.
For a complete documentation on Consul configuration parameters, check
Consul Agent.

The image supports the following environment variables:

  • DATACENTER: name of the consul datacenter (default: consul-dc) (equivalent of -dc CLI flag)
  • LOG_LEVEL: level of log verbosity (default: INFO) (equivalent of -log-level CLI flag)
  • NETWORK_INTERFACE: network interface to bind to (default: eth0) (this is used by BIND_ADDR)
  • BIND_ADDR: network interface to bind to (default: (equivalent of -bind CLI flag) (this overrides NETWORK_INTERFACE)
  • BOOTSTRAP_EXPECT: number of nodes to declare healthy quorum (default: 1) (equivalent of -bootstrap-expect CLI flag)

The run command looks like:

$ docker run -d -P activatedgeek/consul:latest MODE JOIN_ADDR

The two positional arguments are:

  • MODE: mode of the Consul node, can take values server or agent
  • JOIN_ADDR: a valid FQDN or IP address of a peer node whose cluster to join,
    when starting the first node, this argument can be skipped.


To build the latest image from source, run

$ make latest
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