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Full Description (RHDN) web-tier Docker image source files.


  • docker-compose.yml - YAML file used by Docker Compose to simply launching development instances.

  • mysql - Database configuration files.

    • mysql/database.yml - Ruby on rails database.yml template. Overwritten with database connection info when the Docker container starts the first time.`
    • mysql/mysql_env - Database connection information used in development environment.`
  • nginx - Nginx configuration files to configure Nginx running inside Phusion Passenger Docker container.

    • nginx/00_app_env.conf - Set the default RAILS_ENV environment to 'production'
    • nginx/webapp.conf - Main Nginx configuration file. Sets location of Rails app, Ruby version, reverse proxy information for static content.
  • scripts - Scripts to customize Docker container.

    • scripts/ - Overwrite database.yml with container specific database connection information.
    • scripts/ - RAILS app customization. Set web secret. Create web app admin user.
  • insecure_key - Key used to connect to Phusion Passenger Docker container in development mode.

  • Dockerfile - The Docker build configuration file.

  • - This readme file

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