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Exploration of Terraform hooked up through a UI to investigate provisioning to multiple clouds.
Full Description

Terraform Test App

Input terraform configurations into the frontend, such as

provider "aws" {
  access_key = "ACCESS_KEY_HERE"
  secret_key = "SECRET_KEY_HERE"
  region     = "us-east-1"

resource "aws_instance" "example" {
  ami           = "ami-0d729a60"
  instance_type = "t2.micro"

and watch the infrastructure spin up.

Enter your own access and secret keys, of course.

See provier-specific documentation here:

Up and Running


  • Ensure Docker is running
  • docker run -p 3000:3000 adamcaron/terraform-test

Navigate to localhost:3000/.


  • git clone
  • npm i
  • npm start

Navigate to localhost:3000/.

Cloud Specific Instructions


For Google Cloud Platform, follow these instructions to copy credentials .json file into /data/creds.json. (If running with Docker, Vim is available inside the container to create the file and paste the contents.) Load the config on the front end, specify a project name, and a unique instance name.

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