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NAFlex ABC Setup docker container. MD Setup pipeline following the steps used in ABC project.
Full Description

Docker container to run the Ascona B-DNA Consortium (ABC) Molecular Dynamics Setup protocol from a DNA sequence. naflex-abc-setup-docker internal workflow is powered by NAFlex web services (see reference below).

The setup process is made with leap program from AMBER package and ff12SB (parmBSC0) or ff14SB (parmBSC1) forcefield, Dang ions parameters and SPC/E Water model.

The steps of the pipeline are:

Add missing atoms
Energetically minimize the system
Solvate structure with a truncated octahedron box, with SCP/E water model
Neutralize the system with K+/Na+ ions
Add an ionic concentration of 150mM of Cl- / K+ / Na+ ions
Randomize ions around the structure using cpptraj from AmberTools package

ABC Consortium:


Adam Hospital, Ignacio Faustino, Rosana Collepardo-Guevara, Carlos González, Josep Lluís Gelpí, Modesto Orozco.
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Nat Methods, 2016 Jan, Volume 13, Issue 1, p.55-8, (2016)

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