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Juju Virtual Services

This is an alpha version of virtual services in Juju, which will allow you to relate servers running in juju to those running outside of juju.

$ cat mysql.endpoint
db:mysql={"database":"juju", "user": "root", "password": "root", "private-address": ""}

$ cat haproxy.endpoint
website:http={"private-address":"", "hostname":"", "port":"6543"}

$ juju deploy wordpress
$ juju deploy virtual:mysql --endpoint=file=mysql.endpoint
$ juju deploy virtual:haproxy --endpoint-file=haproxy.endpoint
$ juju add-relation wordpress mysql
$ juju add-relation wordpress haproxy


make build


By default, the first time the image is run it will run juju-quickstart, to guide you through setting up your environment.

docker run -ti -v $HOME/.juju-virtual-services:/home/ubuntu/.juju adamisrael/juju-virtual-services

If you want to use the juju environment from your host machine:

docker run -ti -v $HOME/.juju:/home/ubuntu/.juju adamisrael/juju-virtual-services


The local provider is not currently functional. If prompted by quickstart, choose any other provider.


  • Add test, upload to Makefile
  • Build as a nightly, until final is released
  • Local provider
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