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Create the parsistent data container

docker run -d --name kie-data -v /opt/kie-data busybox 

Create the MySQL database on the container host.

Login your MySQL and create user like this.

create database jbpm;
create user 'jbpm'@'localhost' identified by 'jbpm';
grant all privileges on jbpm.* to 'jbpm'@'localhost' with grant option;

Setup the database with the user you create.

mysql -u jbpm -p jbpm < mysql5-jbpm-schema.sql
mysql -u jbpm -p jbpm < quartz_tables_mysql.sql

SQL files are in
The zip file will be in

Pull the worker container

docker run -it --volumes-from kie-data -p 8086:8080 monami0ya/jbpm 

You'll see the login page on http://localhost:8086/jbpm-console/.
Don't worry when you got 404 errors. Retry after 5 minutes or more.

Serurity notice

The web server in this container is listening IP address Not
So jbpm-console can be accessed by out of the box.

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