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Repository for EventStore (

  1. Download and run the image docker run -d -p 2113:2113 -p 1113:1113 adbrowne/eventstore
  2. Open Docker and find the ip of your Virtual Box docker-machine ls
    NAME      ACTIVE   DRIVER       STATE     URL                         SWARM   ERRORS
    default   *        virtualbox   Running   tcp://
  3. Enter the url you found with the geteventstore port like this
  4. Enter username admin and password changeit
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2 years ago

Gday Andrew. Any chance you can tag this as 3.4.0 so we can pin it, in case you update latest to 3.5.0 (release tagged on github a few days ago). Cheers.

2 years ago

Didn't work after latest release (I think) - needs WORKDIR changing to (14.04 was missing):

WORKDIR /opt/EventStore-OSS-Ubuntu-14.04-v$ES_VERSION

3 years ago

Thanks James, looks good.

3 years ago

I played around and got it to bind to the normal ports. For some reason, GES wasn't exposing tcp 1113, had to set the flags manually. If you're interested, mine is at jmkelly/eventstore, it's largely a copy of yours, sorry about that, should have sent you a pull request, but I didn't know what I was doing!