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centos6 image for WLCG grid at cern. configured with softwares for a worker node usage
Full Description

CentosOS 6 image for a Grid Worker Node usage on WLCG (World Wide LHC Computing Grid)

How to use it ?

Simple Usage: run -t -i adevress/centos-wlcg-wn:latest /opt/wlcg/grid-bash

With Grid credential ready: run -t -i -v ~/.globus/:/mnt/wlcg/cred:ro adevress/centos-wlcg-wn:latest /opt/wlcg/grid-bash

What does the image contains ?

  • LCG-CA ( EGI trust anchor )
  • voms client
  • davix
  • gfal2 / gfal2 python
  • dpm / LFC data client
  • dcap data clients
  • xrootd framework
  • globus-url-copy
  • uberftp
  • lcg-infosites / ginfo / ldap

Softwares are standards EPEL based softwares.

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