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Dockerized OSEHRA VistA.
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.. title: OSEHRA VistA



This source tree contains patches, tests, and tools for VistA, the Veterans
Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture. It is maintained by
OSEHRA, the Open Source Electronic Health Record Agent.

This version of VistA includes Open Source Community contributions accepted


The OSEHRA VistA-M Source Tree_ contains a static representation of VistA.
VistA is built on a database platform that houses both code and data so it
requires programmatic operations to apply changes while maintaining consistency.
Patches in this source tree may be applied to a running VistA instance to keep
it up to date.


The source tree is organized as follows:

  • <Packages.csv>__: A spreadsheet recording VistA packages. For each
    package it has a name, namespaces, file numbers and names, and a
    directory name for this source tree.

  • <CMake>__: CMake build system modules.

  • <Documentation>__: OSEHRA VistA documentation pages.

  • <Scripts>__: Contains scripts to process VistA patch files, populate
    the Packages/ directory layout, analyze dependencies, and compute
    an order for patch installation.

  • Packages/<package>/Patches/<patch>/: Holds distribution files for one patch.
    The <package> directory name matches that in <Packages.csv>.
    The <patch> directory name is derived from the patch build name.
    For example, directory <Packages/Kernel/Patches/XU_8.0_431>
    holds files for
    KERNEL patch XU*8.0*431.

  • Packages/Order Entry Results Reporting/CPRS_: Delphi sources for the
    "Computerized Patient Record System".

  • Packages/RPC Broker/BDK_: Delphi sources for the
    "Broker Development Kit".

  • <Packages/MultiBuilds>__: Holds distribution files for multi-build patches.
    Since these may contain builds from multiple packages we do not keep them
    under a specific package directory.

  • <Packages/Uncategorized>: Holds files with no clear package category.
    In particular, it contains *.csv spreadsheets derived from the
    VA FOIA Spreadsheets_. See <Scripts/HowtoUpdateSpreadsheets.rst>

    to update them.

  • FOIA/: Holds files downloaded from the VA VistA FOIA Site_.
    See <Scripts/HowtoDownloadPatches.rst> to populate it.
    See <Scripts/HowtoPopulatePackages.rst>
    to move files to Packages/.


.. _VA VistA FOIA Site:
.. _VA FOIA Spreadsheets:
.. _VistA-M Source Tree:

.. _Packages/Order Entry Results Reporting/CPRS: Packages/Order%20Entry%20Results%20Reporting/CPRS
.. _Packages/RPC Broker/BDK: Packages/RPC%20Broker/BDK

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