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This is the source that you can modify/use on your own and create enhancements on existing LiveNote bundle.

Here's the files you need to keep an eye on:

  • app.js: the main application file. LiveNote runs as a Node.js application on the server. The server waits for changes in the note file from its clients (connected computers) and displays changes accordingly.
  • index.html: the front page of Modify it as you wish.

We found that the ideal suitable time interval for the writing-cursor to be inactive after person 1 stopped writing, was 2 seconds. You can modify it to suit your need.

A few points to remember

  1. The app.js already supports creation of random URLs as the IDs of your notes.
  2. LiveNote currently does not use https. But that shouldn't stop you from trying it out on your own version.
  3. The notes can be accessed if someone tries to guess the note ID and successfully manages to do so. Hence, randomization is preferred and is controllable by code.
  4. We shipped LiveNote without a signup and login. That was intentional to keep it simple and fast.

Queries and support

For the sake of clarity, we release LiveNote under the GNU GPLv3 license. We do love to help you out if you run into problems using LiveNote source code.

Contact us by email on or tweet us @OctalHQ.


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