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docker run -p 8043:8043 -v webapp-dir-mount adroitlogic/app-server /opt/app-server/bin/
Full Description

A stripped-down, lightweight Jetty-based webapp container (similar to Tomcat or Jetty) that can host one or multiple webapps

docker run -p 8043:8043 -it -v /absolute/path/to/exploded/webapp/dir:/opt/app-server/apps/webapp-context-path adroitlogic/app-server:1.0.0 /opt/app-server/bin/

The container uses HTTPS by default, on port 8043 (configurable via a custom jetty.xml). Default identity and trust stores are located at /opt/app-server/conf/keys/.

In addition to a webapp-context-path you could also deploy the webapp on the context root (ROOT):

-v /absolute/path/to/exploded/webapp/dir:/opt/app-server/apps/ROOT

Customization is possible via externally mounted Jetty (/opt/app-server/conf/jetty.xml), log4j (1.0) etc configurations (under /opt/app-server/conf/).

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