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Dockerized BTSync

A Docker image you can use to quickly sync folders using BTSync. (

How to use

Pull the Docker image

docker pull aduermael/btsync

If Docker is not installed:

Run the container

docker run -t -i -d -p 55555:55555 aduermael/btsync

If you want to sync folders from your host or Docker volumes, be sure to mount them when running the container. Unfortunately this can't be done later (yet).

  • Mount folders from your own host:

      docker run -t -i -d -p 55555:55555 -v [host-dir]:[container-dir] aduermael/btsync

    This will mount the host directory, [host-dir] (path), into the container at [container-dir] (path).

  • Mount folders from Docker volumes

      docker run -t -i -d -p 55555:55555 --volumes-from [container-name] aduermael/btsync

    This will mount all volumes (folders) from the given container ( [container-name] )

IF you already have a BTSync secret key

If you already have a secret key you can quickly synchronize your folder when running the container:

docker run -t -i -d -p 55555:55555 aduermael/btsync [container-dir][secret-key]

[container-dir]: Absolute path to the directory (inside the container).

[secret-key]: A secret key associated with a synchronized folder. You can sync a folder using a BitTorrent Sync client: (you can use a read-only key)

Sync / disconnect folders

Use attach command to interact with your btsync running container.

docker attach [container-name]
  • When running the container, you can assign a name with --name option:

      docker run -t -i -d -p 55555:55555 --name btsync aduermael/btsync
  • If you did not assign a name, use docker ps the one that was generated:

      $ docker ps
      CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                     COMMAND                CREATED             STATUS              PORTS                      NAMES
      aef963c15535        aduermael/btsync:latest   /bin/bash ./   6 minutes ago       Up 6 minutes>55555/tcp   btsync


When you attach to this container, you can use different commands to sync or disconnect folders.

Commands: {folders|add-folder|remove-folder|detach|clear|help|ls|cd|mkdir|rm}
  • folders
    List folders and respective BTSync keys.

  • add-folder [dir] [btsync-key]*

    • [dir] folder's absolute path
    • [btsync-key]* (optional) Will be generated if not provided

      > add-folder /SYNC/test
      Added /SYNC/test
  • remove-folder [dir]

    • [dir] folder's absolute path

      > remove-folder /SYNC/test
      Removed /SYNC/test


To detach from the container, use the escape sequence Ctrl-p + Ctrl-q

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