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WorkflowGen Free workflow automation software installed in Windows Server Core based containers.
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WorkflowGen Free Docker Container

This container running the free (latest version) of WorkflowGen is based off of MSSQL Server Express and IIS.

What is WorkflowGen?

The WorkflowGen BPM workflow software enables process designers to graphically design and implement workflows via a 100% web-based HTML5 and .NET application. WorkflowGen supports human-based and system-based workflows with integration of web services without programming.

Read more about WorkflowGen's features at

Quick start

You can run the WorkflowGen container with the following command:
docker run -d -p 80:80 advantys/workflowgen

With the current release, you can't use http://localhost to browse your site from the container host. This is because of a known behavior in WinNAT, and will be resolved in future. Until that is addressed, you need to use the IP address of the container.

All WorkflowGen components are already installed in the container, you would have to simply log in to the website, and configure the Application URL in the WorkflowGen Configuration panel to reflect the host's IP address in order to start fully utilizing the product.

Portal URL: http://<your_host_ip>/wfgen
Admin module URL: http://<your_host_ip>/wfgen/admin


This container is set-up to use WorkflowGen's applicative authentication, meaning the credentials are stored in the WorkflowGen database.

WorkflowGen Account : wfgen_admin
Windows Account used for impersonation: wfgen_service
Database user for WFGEN: WFGEN_USER

Note: All passwords are defaulted to: Passw0rd!

Accessing the container via Powershell

  1. Use the command docker ps -a to list all your currently running containers. There should only be one at this point.

  2. Use the command docker exec -it [CONTAINER ID] powershell to log in the container.

Note: WorkflowGen application is installed under C:\inetpub\wwwroot\wfgen. The WorkflowGen windows services are installed under C:\program files\advantys\workflowgen\services\bin.


For more information regarding WorkflowGen please see our documentation.


Copyright Advantys 2016. View license information for the software contained in this image.

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