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eb tool Docker Image

eb is the official command line interface for Elastic
Beanstalk. This Docker image lets you install and use eb without
installing it or any of its dependencies natively.


You'll need Docker installed to continue.


docker build -t adzerk/eb .


docker run -i -t adzerk/eb bash
# eb init -r us-east-1

After entering your AWS credentials, and while the container is
running, and in a separate termainal, commit the container's

docker commit -m 'add eb credentials' <container-id> adzerk/eb

Then, exit the running container.


Navigate to a Beanstalk project directory. Then, to e.g. SSH to a Beanstalk instance:

docker run -v $PWD:/app -v <dir-with-pems>:/root/.ssh -i -t adzerk/eb eb ssh

Substitute <dir-with-pems> for some directory containing your .pem files.

You may alias this invocation to eb:

alias eb='docker run -v $PWD:/app -v <dir-with-pems>:/root/.ssh -i -t adzerk/eb eb'

Then, you can run eb commands easily:

eb list
eb events
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