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Concourse resource to interact with FTP servers.
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FTP Resource

Concourse resource to interact with FTP servers.

Deploying to Concourse

In your bosh deployment manifest, add to the groundcrew.additional_resource_types with the following:

- image: docker:///aequitas/ftp-resource
  type: ftp

Source Configuration

  • uri: Required. The URI for the FTP server (including path).

  • regex: Required. Regex to match filenames to. Supports capture groups. Requires at least one capture group named version. Other groups are added as metadata.

  • version_key: Optional Alternative key to be used for the version capture group (default version).

  • debug: Optional Set debug logging of scripts, takes boolean (default true).


check: Return list of file versions.

Will request a list of files from the uri and filter on matching regex extracting the version_key and returning list of versions captured groups.

in: Retrieve file matching version from ftp.

Uses the regex to compose a list of files and versions, will return the one file that matches the version provided in params.


  • version: Required The version to return (will be matched against the version regex capture group).

out: Upload file(s) matching file glob to ftp.

Uploads a file(s) glob matching file to the ftp directory specified by uri.

  • file: Glob used to determine files to upload from src dir (default *).

  • keep_versions: If specified determined the amount of files to keep, deleting the old versions (default null). Requires a regex capture group named file to work.


  • file: Required. Glob pattern to specify which files need to be uploaded.

Example pipeline

    - name: upload
      type: ftp
          regex: (?P<file>package_name-(?P<version>[0-9\.]+).*\.whl)

    - name: test ftp
          - task: build
            file: ci/build.yaml

          - put: upload
                file: build/dist/package_name-*.whl
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